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West Virginia’s story: Opportunity is everywhere if you know where to look.

West Virginia presents an unexpected opportunity for the technology sector to achieve its strategic priorities. The state is undergoing its broadest economic expansion in a decade – its 4Q21 quarterly GDP growth of 7.3% ranked 10th in the nation. This momentum is in large part due to collaboration between the public, private, and academic sectors to create a business environment that is capital efficient, talent rich, and policy friendly.    

Our state and academic representatives continue meeting with CEOs from all industries across the country to share more about what we are doing and how we are willing to partner, with a hope that some will see an alignment of interests between what we are able to provide and their strategic interests … where they may choose to establish offices, conduct operations, empower remote workers to “office”, etc. 

West Virginia is also transitioning to an innovation economy and adopting artificial intelligence, green tech, and digital health, among other tools. Globally significant companies and seed-level startups alike have taken notice. A diverse set of firms are establishing operations in West Virginia to take advantage of its geographic proximity to more than one third of the nation’s population, natural beauty, and low cost to meet their strategic and corporate sustainability goals.    

Opportunity is everywhere if you know where to look:

Outdoor assets, quality of life, and low cost of living are key differentiators

Academic institutions and initiatives provide untapped talent pools

Business policies and incentives favor next-generation companies

Emerging innovation economy


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